Yoga Is A Light, Which Once Lit Will Never Dim. The Better Your Practice, The Brighter Your Flame.

Well Being and Happiness

Supporting each other for well being
Praying to the Sun for happiness
A person with a happy face
Making notes of the good things
Meditating for the well being


 Develop a more positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

 No previous qualification required

 Earn certificate upon completion

Duration: 15 Days

No of sessions: 10

Online Workshop: $299.00 USD

In-Person Workshop: $399.00 USD

What to expect

Flourish as an individual

Learn mental strategies that promote happiness

Connect deeply with yourself and others

Rewire your brain to live a fulfilling life


Module 1: Introduction to Well-being and Happiness
Module 2: Positive Emotions and Gratitude
Module 3: Mindfulness and Presence
Module 4: Strengths and Values
Module 5: Positive Relationships
Module 6: Self-Compassion and Self-Care
Module 7: Finding Meaning and Purpose
Module 8: Optimism and Resilience
Module 9: Physical Well-being
Module 10: Emotional Intelligence
Module 11: Flow and Engagement
Module 12: Gratitude and Forgiveness
Module 13: Positive Mindset and Self-Talk
Module 14: Goal Setting and Achievement
Module 15: Well-being in the Workplace
Module 16: Review and Integration

Additional Resources

To enhance practical exercises and experiential learning get access to-

  •  1 Kirtan session
  •  Destress through fun


Barry Allen @Barry Allen
The experience was like a breath of fresh air. It was skillfully guided with various activities, exercises, and discussions. ...
Noah Wood @Noah Wood
It was a thought-provoking and enlightening experience. ...
Oliver Queen @Oliver Queen
I loved the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the class, which allowed everyone to share their thoughts and experiences openly....