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Stress Management

Meditating to relieve stress
Sound healing practice
Pranayama practice for stress management
Yoga practice
Sound healing practice to relive stress


Master stress and transform yourself to deal with the stressors stemming from personal problems, jobs, or family. Understand self-perception to unleash your inner potential. Develop emotional intelligence and enhance self-expression.

Duration: 15 Days

No of sessions: 10

Online Workshop: $299.00 USD

In-Person Workshop: $399.00 USD

About Practitioner

Aparna Deshpande

 MSc in Clinical Psychology

 500-RYT in Hatha, Ashtanga & Kundalini Yoga

 Specialized in Mental and Behavioral Health Care for Individuals

 Certified Advanced Level Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer

Conducted over 500 sessions to date. 6+ years of experience in the field of mental health, lifestyle coaching, and holistic healing.  or randomized words that don't look even slightly believable.

What to expect

Rewire your brain to eliminate distractions

Acquire skills to promote concentration

Time management and self-discipline

Strategic decision making and implementation

Align with your goal


Module 1: Introduction to Stress
Module 2: Stress and the Body
Module 3: Cognitive Strategies for Stress Management
Module 4: Relaxation Techniques
Module 5: Lifestyle and Stress
Module 6: Emotional Well-being
Module 7: Social Support and Relationships
Module 8: Stress in the Workplace
Module 9: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
Module 10: Resilience and Stress
Module 11: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction
Module 12: Maintaining Long-Term Stress Management

Additional Resources

To enhance practical exercises and experiential learning get access to-

  •  4 pre recorded Pranayama session


Barry Allen @Barry Allen
I particularly appreciate the mindfulness and relaxation techniques shared. It was very calming....
Noah Wood @Noah Wood
As a busy professional, I often struggled to find balance. The workshop provided valuable insights into understanding stress trigg...
Oliver Queen @Oliver Queen
The workshop was interactive and engaging. I encourage others to take this opportunity as well. ...