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Lilly Wilcox @lilly
Perfect choice of Ayurveda training course in Rishikesh. The sessions were specially designed and well-constructed and it will make you feel blessed. Teachers gave a lot of information about Ayurveda and Yoga. I would recommend everyone to attend this course and don’t miss this opportunity in your life.
Eddie Terry @eddie
Practicing Ayurveda Yoga with Nirvana Yoga School was one of the best decisions of my life. Wonderful place to experience life transformation. The continued support from all teachers was wonderful. Learned a lot about Ayurveda and the importance of Yoga. Grateful for my experience and thank you for the special journey. I truly recommend it if you are looking to enhance your yoga practice.
Anna Johnsen @anna
The overall course was enjoyable for me. I enjoyed their teachings and found all the teachers extremely knowledgeable and patient. I’m so happy that I found Nirvana Yoga School, it helped me in my yoga journey. Ayurveda sadhana was amazing for the inner peace. Each session was amazing. I heartily recommend the Ayurveda and Yoga training to anyone who is interested.
Agnesa Swieki @agnesa
Awesome teachers. Learned a lot during the 500 Hr Kundalini yoga training. I must say all teachers are real heroes of Life and they lead your life in a positive direction. They exceeded all my expectations. An amazing planned-out course. The peaceful environment lets me find calmness and peace. I surely recommend the school for Kundalini training. I have made new friends and worth spending my days here.
Manoj Shekawat Singh @manoj
The Kundalini yoga training at Nirvana Yoga School is one of the best places for any yoga course in India. You can choose between various courses. They have great teachers, a family atmosphere, and amazing staff members. This is the perfect place to relax and practice Yoga. Thanks to all for the experience and my views on Yoga.
Estela Gerard @estela
I had a great learning experience. The environment is calm and pleasant and the classes were extremely interesting. I met a lot of people and learned new things about yoga. The teaching methods are very spiritual and systemically. I thank all the teachers and team for conducting such a successful course. My best wishes for the Nirvana Yoga School in the future. I highly recommend this Kundalini yoga training course.
Charina Bucket @charina
I just completed the 300 hour Kundalini in Rishikesh. This is the place to be if you want a wealth of knowledge and amazing teachers. I can't imagine a better learning environment than this. I learned about the in-depth Kundalini awakening process. The teachers were wonderful and amazing. I loved my stay at Nirvana Yoga School. I felt completely loved, empowered, supported, and accepted the way I am. Thank you so much.
Zue Chu @zhuchu
The experience was transformative and I came here for the second time. I completed my 300-hour kundalini course from here. You can’t beat the value and experience. I recommend coming here for the yoga teacher training. Teachers always welcome you with an open heart. The rooms and bathrooms were great. I’m walking away with great lessons and experiences that I will keep in my heart for the rest of my life. I would recommend this school to broaden your knowledge and be a true yogi.
Adriano Davis @adriano
My experience with Nirvana Yoga School has been beyond expectations and words. I learned a lot about Kundalini and Yoga but most importantly about my life. Teachers were always ready to answer my questions and guide me. I’m happy to join this training. I look forward to continuing to learn by joining other courses. Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom.
Kareena Grimball @grimball
I had a great experience completing 200 hour kundalini course. Teachers allowed us to learn all aspects of Kundalini. I always felt safe. The course was well-structured and scheduled. All instructors are excellent, helpful, and friendly. I feel motivated, confident, and inspired by taking this course. Thank you Nirvana Yoga School and team!
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